Tips for a Less Stressful Immunization Visit

Preparing for the Visit

  • Write down and bring a list of questions you may have about immunizations. A Parent’s Guide to Immunications fact sheet may answer some of your questions.
  • Bring your child’s immunization record for updating.
  • Bring your child’s favourite toy, book or blanket and offer it for comfort during the appointment.
  • Ask your Nurse Practitioner about topical anesthetics you can use for your child.

During the Visit

  • Hold your baby in your arms in an upright position, with arms and legs exposed. For an older child, hold them firmly while they sit in your lap.
  • Distract your child by singing, talking softly, making funny faces, or offering their favourite toy, book or blanket.
  • Breastfeed your baby during the shot.
  • Take deep breaths and help your older child “blow out” the pain.

After the Shots

  • Apply cold to the immunization site to help reduce redness and soreness.
  • Breastfeed your infant after the immunization shot. If you are not breastfeeding, you can offer a bottle or a soother.
  • Praise your child and offer lots of hugs and cuddles.
  • Remember to book your next visit to stay up to date with the immunization schedule.
  • Go online and update York Region Public Health of your child’s vaccinations. This will help your child’s school know that your child has the required vaccines to stay in school.

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