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A new year, a new diet? Think twice before embarking on a new diet this year. Diets often come at a cost and the recently popularized keto diet is no different. Get the facts on the diet in this issue and speak to a health professional before jumping back into the vicious diet cycle!

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January 2019 Issue – Get the Facts on the Keto Diet
(Recipe of the Month: Golden Beet Soup)

December 2018 Issue – Non-Food Ideas for Stocking Stuffers
(Recipe of the Month: Lentil, Avocado and Peanut Butter Brownie)

November 2018 Issue – Top Five Nutrients to Fight the Cold
(Recipe of the Month: Spicy Chicken and Squash Stew)

October 2018 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Beans
(Recipe of the Month: Magnificent Minestrone Soup)

September 2018 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Brussels Sprouts
(Recipe of the Month: Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts)

August 2018 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Raspberries
(Recipe of the Month: Quick and Easy Low-Sugar Raspberry Jam)

July 2018 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Rapini
(Recipe of the Month: Cheesy Mushroom, Pork and Rapini Pizza

June 2018 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Sugar Snap Peas
(Recipe of the Month: Chilled Snap Peas with Simple Dressing)

May 2018 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Asparagus
(Recipe of the Month: Basic Seasoned Roasted Asparagus)

April 2018 Issue – Spring Makeover Guide for Your Kitchen
(Recipe of the Month: Pesto Beet and Butternut Squash Noodles with Honey Balsamic Tofu)

January 2018 Issue – Why is Making Lifestyle Change So Hard?
(Recipe of the Month: Lentil Spaghetti Sauce)

December 2017 Issue – The Superstar in Your Homemade Pot of Chili
(Recipe of the Month: Double Chocolate Black Bean Brownies)

November 2017 Issue – Turmeric: Miracle Spice or Overhype?
(Recipe of the Month: Turmeric Tea / Golden Milk)

September 2017 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Bok Choy
(Recipe of the Month: Korea-Inspired Bok Choy Salad)

August 2017 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Leeks
(Recipe of the month: Vichyssoise Soup)

July 2017 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Beets
(Recipe of the Month: Beet Greens Pesto Pasta served with Raw Beet Salad in Citrus Dressing)

June 2017 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Radicchio
(Recipe of the Month: Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Radicchio)

May 2017 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Spinach
(Recipe of the Month: Espinacas con Garbanzos / Spinach with Chickpeas)

April 2017 Issue – Eating Local and Seasonal: Cucumbers
(Recipe of the Month: Asian Inspired Cucumber Salad)

March 2017 Nutrition Month Fact Sheets and 12 featured recipes
Food Fads: Ugh! How do I know which information to trust?
Digestive Woes: Eek! What’s causing all this gas?
Picky Eating: Grr! Why is family mealtime such mayhem?
Eating and Stress:  Help! I eat when I’m stressed!
Managing a Condition: Sigh! How can I manage my diabetes?

February 2017 Issue – Healthy Bugs for a Healthy Gut
(Recipe of the Month: Easy Kefir Pancakes)

January 2017 Issue – Have You Heard of the Mediterranean Diet?
(Recipe of the Month: Mediterranean Kale, Cannellini and Farro Stew)

December 2016 Issue – Ten Ways to Use Leftover Turkey
(Recipe of the Month: Curried Chicken/Turkey Salad)

November 2016 Issue – Do You Need to Eat Gluten-Free?
(Recipe of the Month: Crispy Spiced Chickpeas)

October 2016 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Cranberries
(Recipe of the Month: Savoury Thyme and Cranberry Wild Rice)

September 2016 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Zucchini
(Recipe of the Month: Chocolate Zucchini Bread)

Aug 2016 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Artichokes
(Recipe of the Month: Artichoke Bruschetta)

July 2016 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Peppers
(Recipe of the Month: Thai Inspired Summer Peach and Pepper Salad)

June 2016 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Rhubarb
(Recipe of the Month: Rhubarb Vinaigrette)

May 2016 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Radishes
(Recipe of the Month: Savoury Braised Radishes)

April 2016 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Cabbage
(Recipe of the Month – Traditional German Rotkraut (Braised Sweet and Sour Cabbage))

March 2016 Nutrition Month Factsheets –
Week 1 Get Ready
Week 2 Quality Counts
Week 3 Prioritize Portion Size
Week 4 Try Something New
Week 5 Make it Stick

February 2016 – Planting the Seeds to a Healthier Heart
(Recipe of the Month – Tropical Chia Pudding)

January 2016 – Small Goals for Big Changes
(Recipe of the Month – Veg’d Out Meatballs)

December 2015: Is There a Better Type of Sugar to Use?
(Recipe of the Month: Homemade Hot Chocolate)

November 2015: Nutrition and Inflammation – What’s The Link?
(Recipe of the Month: Spiced Pumpkin Soup)

October 2015 – Eat Right to Fight the Cold and Flu
(Recipe of the Month: Maple and Balsamic Roasted Squash and Beets)

September 2015 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Spaghetti Squash
(Recipe of the Month: Spaghetti Squash Hash Brown)

August 2015 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Eggplant
(Recipe of the Month – Baba Ghanoush)

July 2015 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Snow Peas
(Recipe of the month – Spicy Summer Noodle Bowl)

June 2015 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Strawberries
(Recipe of the Month: Strawberry Mango Salsa)

May 2015 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Asparagus
(Recipe of the Month – Pesto Pasta with Roasted Asparagus)

April 2015 – Eating Local and Seasonal: Fennel
(Recipe of the month: Apple and Fennel Slaw)

March 2015 – Conquer Eating 9 to 5
(Recipe of the month – Bean and Guacamole Pinwheels)

February 2015 – 5 Tips to Raising a Healthy Eater
(Recipe of the Month – Parmesan Edamame)

January 2015 – Why You Should NOT Set a Weight Loss Resolution
(Recipe of the Month – Garlic Mushroom Quinoa)

December 2014 – Holiday Food Makeover
(Recipe of the Month – Coconut Chia Pudding)

November 2014 – Buying Healthy Foods: Is it as expensive as it seems?
(Recipe of the month – Mediterranean Vegetable Curry)

October 2014 – Is organic better?
(Recipe of the Month – Creamy Corn and Ham Soup)

September 2014 – Myth Busters: No Calorie Sweeteners
(Recipe of the Month: Crispy Avocado Bites with Honey Mustard Dip)

August 2014 – The Balancing Act of Alcohol Drinking
(Recipe of the month – Sangria Mocktail)

July 2014 – Butter or Margarine?
(Recipe of the Month – Zucchini, Carrot, Apple Muffins)

June 2014 – Garcinia Cambogia: Is it really a magic weight loss pill?
(Recipe of the month: Vegetarian Taco Salad)


October 2013 – Pulses The Latest “Superfood”
(Recipe of the Month – Milky Carrot Lentil Soup)

September 2013 – Herbs 101
(Recipe of the Month – Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries)

August 2013 – Back to School Meal Planning
(Recipe of the Month: Homemade Guacamole and Pita Chips)

July 2013 – Five “Must-Try” Summer Foods
(Recipe: Ontario Bok Choy Salad)

June 2013 – Hydration: More than Just Eight Glasses of Water a Day
(Recipe: Flavoured Water Ideas)

May 2013 – Oh Mighty Omega-3s
(Recipe: “Oh Mega” Pancakes)

April 2013 – Shake Your Head to Sodium
(Recipe: Low Sodium Carrot Hummus)

March 2013 – Decoding the Nutrition Facts Table on Prepackaged Foods

February 2013 – February: The Month of Chocolate
(Recipe: Valentine Quinoa Brownies)

January 2013 – How about a New Year’s Breakfast Resolution?
(Recipe: Invisible Tofu Smoothie and other breakfast ideas)

December 2012 – Building Blocks for Strong Bones
(Recipes: Ideas for a Calcium Boost)

November 2012 – Whole Grain, Whole Wheat and Multigrain: What’s the Difference?
(Recipe: Fibre-Packed Quinoa Salad)

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